New Ground Assembly

In the early seventies, the Seventh Day Church Of God (Reformed) held a street meeting in Summerfield, Clarendon. The Rumble sisters visited the meeting and were blessed. Among other things, they admired the sisters’ uniform.
At the end of the service, they requested of the brethren that further discussions be held with them. The invitation was accepted and shortly after, the church visited their home one Sabbath where they had discussions with them pertaining to worship. During the discussions, the sisters invited the brethren to continue the worship there for a period of time.

The Sabbath was already revealed to the Rumble sisters, but they delayed for a while before agreeing on baptism. The worship services were however very remarkable.
On one occasion, someone made preparation after the Sabbath had begun among other things, the individual had swept the yard that morning. Through the inspiration of the Spirit, however, this was revealed to the brethren, who upon arriving, informed them of what they did, and instructed them to discontinue the practice as those activities constitute Sabbath breaking.

The church with its initial membership of five (5) was called the “Family Church”: the people who attended were in fact from one family. After moving from the Rumbles’ house the church was relocated for a short time at an area in Alexandria. Sometime afterward as the need arose for an alternate place of worship, the Coles gave permission for the Church to occupy one of their lots for a short time and later their house temporarily for worship. There they worshipped for three years.

Finally Mr. Galdstone Burrell donated a plot o f land where the church is now located. Since then the membership has grown appreciably as souls continued to be born for God’s Kingdom. Blessed be the name of the Lord as He continues to exalt His name through His church.

May the Lord continue to bless His church.