Brandon Hill Assembly

The Brandon Hill Assembly in Saint Andrew came into being as a result of a divine revelation from the Lord that: “The field is ripe, send fifty (50) strong”.

A campaign was launched with an open air meeting in the Brandon Hill Square. The first Sabbath service was held in the Burrell’s home in March 1977, under the leadership of Pastor H. J. Waugh.
Services continued there, until a temporary structure was erected on rented lands from one Miss W. Antoine.

The first baptism was held in August 1978 wherein five (5) souls were immersed. The church building was relocated on its own land on December 15, 1996 in a temporary structure, which over time became inadequate and therefore, the erection of a permanent structure began in May 1997.

Although the work has challenges, souls are being added along the way.

Thanks be to God for His many blessings!!!