Mountain View Assembly

In the year 1976, the assembly located in Mountain View started, thus fulfilling the prophecy given to the servant of God in the early sixties, that there would be another church in Kingston.

The Church started at 99 Mountain View Avenue, in a building made of zinc and board. Eight (8) persons were baptized in 1978. The Lord moved mightily on the group bringing to pass another prophecy in Joel 2:28 stating that His Spirit would be poured out on all flesh. The devil was wrath with the work; however, the faithful stood undaunted.

In 1986, the brethren moved to 95½ Mountain View Avenue, to the home of Sister Rose, (now Deaconess). After a while it was no longer convenient to hold services at that location so the Church move on.

The present building was bought and refurbished, and in the year 1987, it was dedicated to the Lord for worship.

The outreach activities include visiting the residents of the community, helping the needy and having sing-outs.

All praise and thanks be to God!!!