Manchioneal Assembly

The message came from the Lord that the baptism, which was to be held at East Road on Sunday, January 26, 1975, should be published in the Sunday Gleaner.

This advertisement was published and on that particular Sunday, Vivian Mayne in Manchioneal, Portland, under the guidance of the Lord, sought wherever he could to purchase a Sunday Gleaner.

Having bought the Gleaner, he saw the advertisement regarding the baptism, he then hurried home to show his wife (now Deaconess Mayne). He expressed interest in attending this baptism and hence traveled to Kingston the Sabbath evening, (January 25, 1975) to ask if he could be baptized.

Upon his request, he was instructed to return the following Sunday morning, and when he did, he was further informed that the Lord would give him a chance to be baptized. The Mayne’s family began worshipping at home along with oter persons who became interested, and would sometimes visit East Road on Sabbaths.

In January 1976, members from East Road went to visit with the family and friends for the first time. Mr. Mayne then donated a parcel of land to the church. The present building was erected and further dedicated in the year, 1977.

Several souls have been added since.

Thanks be to God for all His blessings!!