Clover Hill Assembly

“A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid”.

“Build me a sanctuary that I may meet with my people”. This command was given by God to His servant, Pastor H. J. Waugh and his wife, Sis. M. Waugh in the early stages of their call. In carrying out this command, a church was built in the district of Clover Hill in the year, 1962.

This small structure is situated on land bought from Mr. & Mrs. Felix Long (now deceased). The first baptism took place the same year at a river in Worthy Park, where ten (10) candidates were immersed. This small but vibrant group was led by the late stalwart, Deacon Charles O’Connor, assisted by brethren from headquarters.

In evangelizing, numerous campaigns and house to house visits were held. The harvest was ripe as many souls were born for the Kingdom resulting in another baptism. This baptism included candidates from the adjoining community – Tydixon.

In the year 1978, another fifteen (15) souls were added by baptism at headquarters. This number included, for the first time, many young and older persons who took joy in visiting the shut-ins.

As time went on, these young people relocated to work and further their education elsewhere. Nevertheless, the church continued under the leadership of Challenger S. Simpson, now Evangelist, who succeeded Deacon Charles O’Connor.

In the years that follow, souls were brought to the Lord. Thanks be to God!!!