Great Pond Assembly

In November 1962, the Great Pond Assembly was born and typical of the Seventh Day Church of God (Reformed), worship began in a house. Elder H. Peart (now Pastor) who was called by God to a greater light, left the Mount Zion Church, with his family and the Gilmore’s, and began holding prayer meetings in the home of Deacon H Gilmore.

The number grew, until the Gilmore’s residence became inadequate. This necessitated a change, so the Peart’s home became the new meeting place. The uniform that is worn was revealed by the Lord to the late Sis. B. Gilmore while she was still a member of another assembly. She reported to her Bishop what the Lord showed her, and he replied that God was not speaking of the outward adornment, but of the hearts. Like Mary, she pondered in her heart and questioned, if God could be really speaking of her heart to wear white long sleeve pleated dress, white jippy-jappa hat and white shoes?” She prayed that the God of heaven who revealed this to her, would make it plain in His own time. This He did.

As the little flock prayed, God allowed Elder Peart to learn of the Seventh Day Church of God (Reformed) in Kingston and having the desire to be affiliated with a body of people who are zealous about the work of the Lord to establish the Name of Christ to a lost nation, he made contact with the Leader, Pastor H. J. Waugh. The congregation became too large for Pastor Peart’s house; hence the late Deacon Gilmore loaned a spot where a temporary structure was erected and worship continued.

In September 1963, Pastor Waugh responded favourably and officially organized the Church, setting Pastor Peart as the Leader. Fifteen members were on roll. In the year 1967, the church moved to her own premises where a temporary structure was erected within three (3) months and dedicated on July 16th, of the same year. Seven (7) souls were added to the number.

In 1980, the present structure was started and was dedicated in September 1990. The Leader and members of the church undertook missionary work, including the Youth League and the Women’s Movement. In addition visits are made to the infirmary, homes of safety, hospitals and shut-ins. The work was not in vain because now they service and feed four (4) branches.

As touching spiritual fights and victories, by the grace of God, this assembly has won them all. In one very significant case where the God of heaven showed His favour and even the doctors were amazed - A neighbour of one of our sisters was pregnant and could not give birth when she was due, so the doctors examined her and found that the baby had died approximately three (3) days in her womb. They all gave her over to die, as they did not see how she could make it with a dead child in her body for three days. The church was summoned, they went, prayed and anointed her with consecrated olive oil and gave her some to drink along with consecrated water. Soon afterwards the “DEAD” baby was born.

There is nothing too hard for our God. All we need, is to be obedient, faithful, true to the trust God gave us and lift up our faith unwaveringly, always remembering to give God the glory and He will act on our behalf.