Pimento Walk Assembly

The Church at Pimento Walk was established on the invitation of Sis. Veda Walsh (now deceased), a member of the Clover Hill Assembly, who had taken up residence in the Pimento Walk area. Pastor Harold Peart and his team often visited her for prayer meeting.

As time advance, the need arose for an open-air meeting, which was held on March 6, 1977. The meeting was a success, as persons who had a desire to have their souls saved, came for prayer. The following Sunday night, two of these individuals accompanied Sis Walsh to the Great Pond Assembly, where Missionary E. Pearson (then Sis. E. Blair), was under the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Services continued in the home of Sis. Walsh, which were always interesting and well attended. The time eventually came to find a more suitable place for worship. Through God’s help a place was identified which was rented for worship.

As the company of 12 (including brethren from Great Pond), worshipped, the Holy Spirit manifested Himself and spoke through His servant and said “upon this rock I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail- no weapon that is formed shall prosper” giving the assurance that He was with them.

As the group continued in prayer and fervent devotion, the Lord led them to the home of Mr. C. Corrodas, a temporary place of worship. As the spiritual zeal of the brethren increased they became more aware of the need for a permanent place of worship.

November 6, 1977, was a special day for the church as the construction of its own building commenced. On April 21, 1979, the first service was held in the building.

“Through many dangers, toils and snares, we have already come”, with the knowledge that the same grace, which has brought us thus far, will lead us home.