Roadside Assembly

Mr. C. Hayden invited his friend, Mr. Joseph Wright to his wedding, during which time he used the opportunity to further invite him to a special service at the Kingston Church. During this special service, the Lord spoke through Sis. M. Waugh to send fifty (50) strong to Roadside, to hold a street meeting.

The street meeting was held in River Head District after which, Mr. Joseph Wright answered the call of God. On September 13, 1970, Bro. Joseph Wright and Sis. Ruby Wallace was emersed into the body of Christ.

Pastor Waugh, the Overseer, then went to Roadside to seek a place for worship. Bro. Wright took him to Mr. George Simpson, who rented him a room in his house for worship. The first Sabbath Service was then held with three (3) members: Bro. Wright, Sis. Wallace and Sis. Wright along with Bro. Wright’s nine (9) children.

Brethren from Kingston began visiting them on Sabbaths and as time went by the numbers grew. The need for a church building arose and the same Mr. Simpson gave a plot of land to the Church. He too, became a member shortly afterwards. The church building was erected and then dedicated in the year 1971.

To God be the glory !!!