St. Dacres Assembly

Sister Benaine, who was a member of the Kingston Church returned to her homeland, St. Dacres. After returning home, she begun worshipping at the Great Pond Church but had the desire to have the good news spread in her hometown.

Of course, Pastor H. Peart, along with some brethren begun visiting St. Dacres where they held Field service in July 1999. In the month of October 1999, an elderly lady, (now Sister Davy) gave her verandah to the group for worshipping. From then, weekly Sabbath meetings begun while they sought to lease a piece of land. This was successful and a piece of land containing a shop building was leased for five (5) years. The shop was then converted to a building for worship and in March 2000, the first Sabbath Service was held in the building.

On June 10, 2001, the first baptism registered five (5) members. Now there is a sixth member, Bro. Cox, who was one of the first visitors. From then, every Sabbath and Sunday night, services are being held and there are quite a few visitors.