Lemon Hall Assembly

On Sunday, November 26, 1996 a group of Ministers and members traveled to Lemon Hall to hold an Open Air meeting for the first time.

As they journeyed, they sang the Hymn “Take the Name of Jesus with you” While going on, Pastor L. Dennis pointed to a spot of land and declared that the future church would be erected there. This must have been divine revelation and so five (5) five years later, in the year 2001, the church building was erected at the same spot, with the help of Pastors Dennis, Baker and other brethren. Although many delays were experienced, the work of God could not be deterred.

To date, there are fourteen (14) members who no longer have to travel to Point Hill to worship. Currently they are able to accommodate brethren from Point Hill and Kingston who visit on Sabbaths and Sunday nights. There is also a vibrant Young People’s Group who are engaged in house to house visits in the community.

The Lemon Hall Church remains steadfast in its mandate, confident of victory with God at the helm.

Thanks be to God, as He continues to reap souls both near and far For His Kingdom.