Point Hill Assembly

The Point Hill Assembly came into being in the year of 1967, as Deaconess Wright started prayer meetings in her house with her family. She was described as the “clap hand lady” and hence the church was nicknamed the “clap hand church”. This little family was later joined by the families of the Robb’s, Francis’ and Wellington’s as the Lord drew His servants.

Deaconess Wright, in her quest to find an established organization to adopt her little group, sought the Lord diligently. Before long, the Lord sent the answer to her prayer through Deaconess Whyte, who had recently relocated to Point Hill. She was previously introduced to the organization by a member and was interested to have a branch in her community. As Deaconess Whyte sought for a place in Point Hill, she was introduced to the “clap hand lady”.

With hands and hearts united, they obeyed the command: “Arise ye therefore, and build the Sanctuary of the Lord”. That Sanctuary of board with concrete floor was built on a lot of land donated by Deaconess Wright and dedicated in 1974.

There were nine (9) founding members but today, the church has grown numerically and spiritually. Amidst many struggles, those faithful founding members declared the words of God in the community and saw many miracles wrought by God. As the need arose for a larger building, the current building was constructed and dedicated on May 19, 1991.

The progress of the work in Point Hill is aptly described by the words: “We have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord”.