Springvale Assembly

On the outskirts of Bog Walk, in the green hills of St. Catherine stands the Spring Vale branch of the Seventh Day Church Of God (Reformed) Inc.

The church entered the community at the request of the late Deaconess Kelly, who after getting married left the Roadside Assembly, which she attended, to settle with her husband in Springvale. The request was made in 1988 and granted the same year, by Overseer, Pastor H. J. Waugh. He sent three stalwarts, namely: Pastor G. Baker, Evangelist A. Smith and Sis. Dawson (now Deaconess Hare) to initiate the work.

Meetings were held in the Kelly’s residence for approximately one year, but other persons in the community became interested, so the numbers increased, and then the need for a Sanctuary became more pressing. Then as time went by they went further in the District of Springvale, where they held Street Meeting at different locations. At one of those memorable meetings, Pastor D. McKoy, while preaching under the influence of the Holy Spirit, was led to ask a man in the crowd; “Where is the house you’ve built for the Lord?”

The utterances were prophetic as it turned out that the man, Mr. Redwood indeed had lands at his disposal, which he later leased to the church. This offer was accepted and with hard work and much effort, a building was erected in the year 1989. This stood until the expiration of the lease in the year 2003 and the church has since acquired land of its own.

Today, she stands as a vibrant entity with regular members and varying numbers of visitors on any given worship day. Our aim is to continue spreading the good news of salvation so that the spiritual and physical needs of both members and the community can be met.

Thanks be to God !!!