Tydixon Assembly

In the year 1970, the Amos’ family began conducting prayer meetings in their house. Many other persons, including brethren from Kingston visited them and shared in the fellowship. As the membership grew, the need arose for a parcel of land on which to erect a building.

Mr. Haye, who eventually became a member, donated a parcel of land for the Church building. The building was erected and dedicated in the year, 1972. The membership then, was approximately four (4) but the work continued to grow, and other souls have since been added to the Body of Christ.

Sunday nights worship sessions are usually held, with our neighbouring sister church – Clover Hill – sometimes sharing in the worship. The first Monday of each month is designated “Fasting and Evangelism Day”- a time when members endeavour to impact the community by visiting and sharing the words of God. Many souls are being added to the church.

Thanks be to God !!!