Waterford Assembly

…Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where there is the good way and walk therein… (Jer. 6:16)

Pastor H. Grant was a member of the Seventh Day Baptist Church who sought to find brighter light, hence, he left and began prayer meetings in his house at Waterford near Guys Hill.

Other persons in the community eventually became interested and joined with him, so a Sabbath School was formed. Having been a friend of Pastor Waugh when they were both members of the Seventh Day Baptist Church, it was indeed a delight when they both shared once more under the same banner - that of the Seventh Day Church of God (Reformed). Pastor Grant and the little group had come safely into the fold.

In 1961, the first baptism was held and seven (7) members were immersed. The number grew significantly and before long the need for a Sanctuary became apparent. In response to the need, Pastor Grant and his sister donate a parcel of land on which the building was erected and remains until today.

Over the years, several baptisms were held and many souls surrendered to the Lord. Despite the fact that six of the first seven (7) members have passed on the church continues to grow and to reach the lost at any cost.

Glory be to God, we are marching on.