Latium Assembly

The Assembly started in the year, 1966, in the house of Sis. Allen and family after she had received the Sabbath Message, from her son, Bro. Spence.

She was then joined by Sister Davis’ family, the Brackett’s family and other families in her community.

As time went by, a temporary building made of bamboo, coconut limbs, thatched roof and ground floor was erected at Salters Hill. Although they were mocked by the people, but they were not mindful but continue to worshipped God whole heartedly. In the year 1973, the church was removed to a spot in Latium , on a Lease Agreement. They were visited by brethren from Kingston regularly.

Since 1991, the Church has been located on its own property. Many souls have been added since. We continue to magnify God for His mercies to us over these years. Morning by morning, new mercies we see.

Thanks be to God!!!