Albion Mountain Assembly

In the year 1961, the Seventh Day Church of God (Reformed) in Albion Mountain was born out of a struggle for the truth. The tiny group of six persons headed by Bro. Claudius Edwards waited patiently for the dawn of the day when the truth would be revealed.

The question of the day was “How should baptism be performed?” Was it to be performed in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or was it to be interpreted otherwise?

Overseer, Pastor H. J. Waugh received words from the Lord as to how the baptism should be performed. It was to be performed in the name of “The Lord Jesus Christ”. The group was happy because they later discovered that they had the same inspiration as to how God’s will should be performed. Bro. Claudius Edwards then broke ranks with his associates, and started the work in Albion Mountain .

The work went from the “wattle and daub” structure situated on the Wilshaw’s property then to Deaconess Lain’s house, then to Sis. Baugh’s house, and finally to her present location on a plot donated by Sis. N. Taylor .

The church building was dedicated in December 1968. Several souls have since been added to the church.

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!!!