Fellowship Hall Assembly

The church at Fellowship Hall with fifteen members, came in contact with 20 East Road during the latter part of 1961.

Due to drastic changes in the doctrine of baptism at the previous church they were without a minister. However, they were determined to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. The church was informed of the work started at 20 East Road and that a baptism would be held at the Waterford Assembly. They attended the baptism and were impressed with what they saw, and as a result discussions were held with the Overseer.

In the meanwhile, Elder Hyde who was in the United States of America had a dream of a baptismal service being held in Fellowship Hall where two men were conducting the proceedings. On his return to Jamaica he saw Pastor H.J. Waugh for the first time in person and was amazed to know that he was the same individual he saw in his vision. All were convinced that this was the leading of the Lord. To this end, they pledged their allegiance to the work of the Lord.

In March 1962, many of the brethren were re-immersed; an occasion that started a period of revival. As the church grew numerically, the need for an appropriate building, more accessible to everyone, became apparent. Inspired by the Heavenly Father, Sister Margaret Bailey, now deceased, donated the plot of land on which the church now stands.

The wonder working power of God was very dominant in His church, with manifestations in healing, divine revelations, as well as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as was at Pentecost.

As the church continues its role to reach out, many hungry are fed, naked clothed, homeless sheltered, friendless befriended and the destitute and forsaken comforted.

A vibrant Youth Fellowship Movement exists where the youth are being prepared for future responsibilities.