St. Thomas Assembly

About thirty years ago, the Lord, through His servant, Sister M. Waugh informed the Palmer’s family that the church would one day be in St. Thomas. They took God at His word and waited for the fulfillment.

In the year 2002, Pastor H. J. Waugh gave instructions that St. Thomas and Portland should be targeted for missionary work. This task was given to Pastor D. Mayne and Missionary D. Palmer. The group began by focusing on street meetings at Leith Hall, a district in St. Thomas. The efforts continued until in May 2004, the Lord provided a place of worship in the district of Lyssons. The church had however relocated to White Horses since then.

As a young group there is tremendous potential for growth and with the zeal and commitment of groups visiting on Sabbaths, much is anticipated in the year to come.

May the Lord continue to bless and proper His work.