Strathbogie Assembly

Strath Bogie, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland - He leadeth me oh blessed thought………. Still ‘tis God’s hand that leadeth me

Though the vision tarries, wait for it………. It was approximately seventeen (17) years ago, while Brother E. Morris was at Grierfield, St. Ann, that the Lord told him that He was sending him to the West. Bro. Morris did not know the reason for this, but he pondered the word in his heart as he went about his daily routine. In the process of time, he returned to the Ocho Rios area, where he is originally from, but still not settled, as he waited for the signal to move on.

Eventually, he was inspired to gather his possessions and, like Abraham of old, he journeyed. This time, he settled at Savanna-la-Mar in the West. While there he met Sister Barnett who was originally from Strat Bogie but was in fellowship at the Roadside Assembly in St. Ann. He shared his experience with her, and she shared hers with him recalling when she was in the Bahamas. She recounted how the Lord told her to return to Jamaica where He had a work for her to do. With a common purpose therefore and in obedience to the Lord, both Brother Morris (now Deacon) and Sister Barnett started witnessing to and praying for the people.

God speaks to His people in various ways. Some months later, Brother Morris was told in a vision, to go to a church. His response was that his clothes were at the cleaners, which was owned by someone named “ Roy”. Realizing what the dream meant, he immediately consulted with Overseer, Pastor Hixroy J. Waugh (part of whose Christian name is “ Roy”), the leader of the church to which he belongs. Overseer Waugh willingly accepted the message, for he had made a vow approximately forty-six (46) years ago to evangelize Jamaica for God, so he immediately began to make plans to start the work in the West.

Since the official inception of the work, brethren from Headquarters, assisted at times by others from sister churches, have been working assiduously in this area. Many street meetings were held as well as house-to-house visits made. The community members have been very supportive of the church, in that among other things persons provided electricity for the many street meetings, which were held. After three months of sowing the seeds of righteousness, God granted the increase.

Hence, on the 18th April 2004, the first Baptismal Service was held and six persons were immersed. The work continued to grow as God revealed Himself to His people in different ways. The sick were healed, the lonely experienced friendship and a sense of belonging, as God poured His love into the hearts of many.

As the words of God were shared with the community other lives were touched and they too, expressed the desire to follow the Lord in baptism. Among these persons was a pair of people who got married based on the teachings received since the establishment of the church. As the work grew the second baptismal service took place on August 15, 2004 with five persons being immersed. The growing number of brethren prompted the search for a more suitable place to worship. One kind gentleman willingly assisted us in the search, but was not successful in locating a site. He eventually discussed the matter with family members who consented to help. This resulted in the acquisition of a parcel of land being leased to us (the church) for a period of time. Jehovah Jireh – God provides.

On the 15th August 2004, the construction of the Tabernacle began. Although we suffered minor damages during the hurricane, we are still thankful to God, Who has brought us safely to this point. We were able to dedicate the building for use to the honour and glory of God on November 14, 2004. We wish to express sincere thanks to Mr. D. Miller and his daughter for their kind gesture in facilitating the Church on their property. We thank all community members for assisting us in the various ways. Special thanks also to the construction team who worked tirelessly and willingly to make this venture possible.