Pennsylvania Assembly

The Seventh Day Church Of God (Reformed) Inc. situated at 229E Poplar Street, Norristown P.A. 19401, Pennsylvania

On Saturday, February 4, 2000, the Hunter’s Family invited and welcomed other family members, acquaintances and friends from the community to a house located at 229E Poplar Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania. The purpose of this was to engage in a worship service.

In addition to those from Pennsylvania, a group of five brethren travelled from Queens, New York to join the gathering. A total of 25 persons were in attendance, and the presence of the Lord was evident. At the end of the day’s meeting, the brethren from New York, as well as the Hunter family agreed to meet again in similar fashion the following Sabbath, and such meetings have continued ever since. It has now been four years and with gratefulness to God, the experiences have been wonderful and the accomplishments have been remarkable.

They include:-
1) Acquiring our own church building as well as a cottage
2) Ministering and visiting two neighbouring nursing homes monthly
3) Broadcasting services weekly on the radio

As the church progresses, many including young people are responding positively, thus preparing the way for a bright future.

The members of the church are all growing beautifully in the Lord.