Queens Assembly

The Seventh Day Church Of God (Reformed) Inc. situated at 150-15-116th Drive, Jamaica, Queens, New York

The word of the Lord came through His servant, Sister M. Waugh in Jamaica W.I., that the Seventh Day Church Of God (Reformed) would go to foreign land. The fulfillment of the prophecy had it genesis when a few brethren with a solid Christian background based on the teachings and fellowship of the church migrated to the USA. After some discussion, the brethren, on September 2, 1995, decided to meet for worship at Comrie’s residence located in Queens, New York.

After a few Sabbath meetings, it was evident that the accommodation was no longer adequate for worship and every effort was now made to locate an alternate venue. Because of the kind-heartedness of a dear friend, Pastor Priestly, the brethren were able to use the facilities of the Universal Church Of God in Christ, in Brooklyn, for worship on Sabbaths.

On October 14, 1995, the group met for the first time at 1775 Fulton Street to continue God’s ministry under the leadership of Evangelist Joel Comrie. As the work took shape, however, it became necessary for the church to have its own resident pastor. The Lord then saw it fit to have Evangelist Comrie ordained to the position; this was done on August 17, 1996. Sis. E. Comrie was also ordained as a Deaconess and Elder Virgin confirmed as an Elder.

The first baptism of the church which took place on March 30, 1996, at the Brooklyn location - six souls were immersed.

The brethren continued to worship at Fulton Street until they saw the necessity of having their own place. By faith and trusting in God, they sought a place that they could call their own; Elder Virgin located a two family house at 150-15-116th Drive. All the brethren came together and were satisfied and confident that it would be suitable for the church. They thanked God for the outstanding and undying spiritual and financial support of their fellow brethren in Jamaica. On October 12, 1996, the first service was held upstairs in home occupied by Brother Burke’s while the building was under renovation. Having completed the building a dedicatory service was held on July 13, 1997 thus the fulfilling of the prophecy.

Three souls were baptized at the new location. The year 1998, proved to be spectacular as thirteen young souls gave their lives to the Lord. On July 17, 1999, another twelve candidates were added to the church by baptism.

Currently, we have approximately fifty-two active members in the Church, and we are also doing outreach ministry at three nursing homes in the Bronx. Although the devil tries to defeat us, we continue to fight, to keep our focus and let the peace of God be established in our hearts. By faith, God has brought us thus far.



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